Ethno collection

In a large wooden almost 100 years old stable, we set the family ethnographic collection. For many years we have been collecting old country items and we’ve set up a collection of 4000 exhibits.

A smaller part of the collection is exhibited in the restaurant, which consists of two authentic local Moslavina houses from 1880 and 1922, as well as in the rooms for accommodation and in a souvenir shop located n a house from 1910. The collection presents a number of items that were used by people in the 19th and the first part of the 20th century.

It is difficult to list all, so we will mention just a few: dishes, jars and pots, irons, grinders, wine presses, back-tubs, razors, distaffs, musical instruments, carriages, sleighs, yokes, ploughs etc.

The collection can be visited as part of the guided tour of the farm.

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